Megan Milligan, President + CEO
Iowa Center for Economic Success

Join us for “The Story Of,” a monthly series offered at The Iowa Center, focused on Iowa entrepreneurs and small business owners making their mark in our communities. Treat yourself to this time each month to rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit and connect with others.

Join us in person at The Iowa Center on November 4, 2022 at 12pm to hear the exciting entrepreneurial journeys of some small business owners in The East Village. After they share their stories there will be time to network with speakers and each other while enjoying treats from Scenic Bakery.

“The Story Of…The East Village” panel will include: Liz Lidgett of Liz Lidgett Gallery and Design, Julie Lyle of Indie House, Teresa Adams-Tompka of Kitchen Collage, Karen Brady & Arin Wiebers of Ephemera, and our moderator China Wong of SALON SPA W.

Some of the many topics that will be discussed will be:

  • How each business owner got their start.
  • What advice they have for new and growing small businesses in Iowa.
  • How is small business preparing for this holiday season?
  • What’s happening in the East Village in November? 
  • How is the economy impacting holiday planning?
  • Are shoppers back in person or still want curbside pick-up and online?

“The East Village is such a special place; you can literally feel the energy and passion of the all the business owners as you walk up and down it’s streets. Des Moines is lucky to have this unique neighborhood, it’s an important part of the tapestry of our city. The Iowa Center is fortunate to have China Wong on our board and honored that she has pulled together this dynamic group to participate in our November ‘Story Of.’ I hope you join us,” says Megan Milligan, President and CEO of The Iowa Center. 

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IOWA CENTER FOR ECONOMIC SUCCESS: For more than 30 years, Iowa Center for Economic Success has been committed to empowering Iowans to pursue opportunities for financial success. Whether someone starts their relationship with us through our Education, Capital or Networking, our commitment remains the same: empowering them to turn good ideas into strong plans that result in financial success.

Developed by Pella Hosting.

Developed by Pella Hosting.