Turning Dreams Into Plans

Small businesses are community connectors who make our cities and towns livable, flavorful, and fun! But managing a small business is complicated. Our business coaching team educates entrepreneurs to build strong foundations for sustainable small businesses.

Investing in Strong Communities

Without access to traditional lending, starting or growing a small business is next to impossible. Our loans up to $50,000, combined with business support, can help you launch an idea or take an existing business to the next level.

Creating Strong Financials

Failure to file and pay correct, complete, and timely tax returns is a financial, legal, and emotional burden. The Iowa Center provides free tax preparation and planning assistance for individuals and small businesses who need support getting their financials house in order. 

Strong Small Businesses Support Strong Communities

​The Iowa Center is an economic development organization that empowers Iowans to launch, manage, and grow small businesses. 

Our mission is to empower Iowans with the potential to succeed as they pursue opportunities for financial success. Success to us is people supporting themselves, their families, and their communities through the execution of their own ideas. 

Tax Services

Business Coaching

CRedit + Lending

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Our Three Lines of Service

The Iowa Center provides three lines of service for those who want to launch or grow their small business: Business Coaching, Credit + Lending, and Tax Services.

Our Priorities

It is our belief that to be successful in small business, one needs support in three core areas: education, capital, and networking

If you need to understand your finances to start or grow your business, you need to know The Iowa Center. They’ve provided a supportive and un-biased perspective and provided the financing needed to support our business model that services people at a scale that allows us to activate our mission.

The Iowa Center allowed me to set awareness of myself and where I was at, which gave me a gauge for my success. They also gave me an opportunity to support and meet other women in the community!

When I found the Iowa Center for Economic Success, I was going through a split professionally and personally. I needed to learn more of the business and financial side of running a business but had no time to go back to school because I was still running my business. The Iowa Center aligned perfectly with my time and availability. They gave me the tools to be a smarter business owner and gave me a reliable network.

Jen Bramble 
Club B-FIT

I firmly believe I would not have started my own business had I not found The Iowa Center. It would have remained an idea…and never actually brought to fruition.

Amy Hutchins 
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Our Supporters

 Generosity of donors allows us to assist our clients in starting and sustaining new business, creating jobs, and contributing to the economic development of our state.

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