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Previous Classes + Events

Below are available recordings from previous live webinars, classes and events:

Powerful Ways To Gain Traction With Your Small Business Website

Drew Harden, President and Co-Founder of Blue Compass, a leading digital marketing agency in the Midwest, shares insights on how to create compelling website content, gain more visitors, and connect with your audience online.

Personal Branding Tips for Small Entrepreneurs

It’s often the entrepreneurial way to be involved in owning one or more businesses and working on other projects within your community. Small business owner Tricia Rivas and social media guru, Hannah Arant from Trixies Salon discuss personal branding and your online presence as an ambitious entrepreneur. Learn why it’s important to show up as yourself and how to execute well via online platforms.

Move Business Online: Iowa E-Commerce Strategies

If you’re ready to offer your clients digital benefits, and make some sales online, this is the information you’ve been looking for. Andi Fagen, owner of Creative DSM – Digital & Social Marketing guides us through search engine optimization (SEO) for online stores, how to create a positive customer experience, and stories of wins and fails through multiple marketplaces. She touches on modern marketing strategies for local businesses in Iowa, including shoulder industry strategies and email follow up.

Income Statement Tutorial

This quick tutorial explains the purpose and strategy for putting together a profit and loss statement (income statement). Income statements offer a picture of your company’s revenues and expenses and overall profitability. Managers and investors can use this information to make financial decisions.

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