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Class Catalog

Below is a brief description of the recurring classes + courses available at The Iowa Center. You can find a list of upcoming events here.


BizFluent is a four-week course for small business owners that want to deepen their understanding and keep up with the latest best practices on one specific area of running your business. Available courses will include: Accounting, Finance & Tax, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Security, and Legal, Operations & Management.


DreamBuilder is our signature eight-week business planning course that will help you understand the ins and outs of owning and operating a small business in Iowa. Not only will you create a thoughtful business plan, but you’ll work with subject matter experts, established small business owners, and a cohort of peers who will provide support as you build the foundation to launch your business.


Financially Savvy is a four week course with 8 session to increase your awareness of best practices for financial management to make good financial judgements.


DreamMaker is a six-week deep dive to help you find sustainability or even growth in your business after you’ve built your foundation. This course will help you better understand and manage the many hats you’re required to wear as a small business owner.


Turn your dream into a plan with this small group, one-hour business planning class. The Iowa Center staff will help you kickstart your business plan by providing you a road map on completing your plan and taking the next steps towards business ownership. Also connect with other aspiring small business owners to refine your business ideas as you put them into real plans. This class is for aspiring small business owners who need a business plan to start moving forward with their idea now.


Always Ready Financials is a working session for you to learn how to financially prepare your small business for the next step in your journey from applying for a loan, filing for taxes, to buying or selling goods and real estate. This class is especially for you if you’ve ever been denied a loan or need a helping hand to get your financials on track.


FocusME provides a space for women entrepreneurs to support each other with connections and accountability as each sets her own professional and personal goals with the guidance of a coach facilitator.


Join us for the stories of Iowa entrepreneurs and small business owners making their mark in our communities. As you create your own story, treat yourself to this time each month to rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit and connect with others.


Small Biz Essentials will connect you with local subject matter experts who will share best practices on many different elements of running your business. For one-hour each week we’ll showcase a topic in the areas of accounting and finance, sales and marketing, operations, technology or self-care.

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Developed by Pella Hosting.