Maddie Simmons

Maddie spends most of her time at The Iowa Center focused on day-to-day operations. She’s responsible for ensuring our staff has what they need to make their programs and projects successful and continue to align with our mission and our strategic plan.

More About Maddie

Why I work at The Iowa Center:  I am passionate about helping others, and very excited about working with an organization that helps level the playing field by empowering small business owners with the tools and knowledge they will need to succeed. Knowing we help create a path to success for our clients is what drives me to give all I can every day!

Ask me about: Dungeons and Dragons, my zoo (two cats, a snake, and a Great Dane so far!), the current book I’m reading, and A24 films.

I dream of a day when…: Everyone has the opportunity to live safe, happy lives and pursue their educational/vocational goals regardless of their race, gender identity, or economic background.

A few of my favorite small businesses: Coffee Cats, Pho Real Kitchen and Bar, Reading in Public, La Michoacana Mexican Groceries

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