Jordan Lloyd

Jordan spends her time at The Iowa Center meeting with new clients to help connect them with the best resources and events for education and advancement. She works to make sure people are aware of the countless opportunities available at The Iowa Center and in the community.

More About Jordan

What I love to do:  You can find me on a hike with my dog, traveling somewhere new, spending time with my family and friends, or taking pictures! I love to be outside, volunteer my time with organizations I am passionate about, and constantly make one too many jokes about everything!

Why I work at The Iowa Center:  Helping better the lives of others in some way is what I strive to do each day! Making connections with them and leaving their life a little happier and more hopeful is my goal and I think The Iowa Center does that for everyone it reaches. Bringing hopes and dreams to fruition and setting individuals up for success inspires me to work here!

Ask me about: My dog named Eddie, my photography business, all things Disney, the places I’ve been, my family, the organizations I volunteer for, and ESPECIALLY the time I met John Stamos (only if you have a while to listen)

I dream of a day when…:  The world is kinder- when we all leave each person we meet and place we go a little better than we found it. When each person wakes up every morning and remembers we are only given one life so we must make each day count and go to sleep knowing we did our very best! 

A few of my favorite small businesses: Jordan Lloyd Photography (that’s me!), Lloyd’s Longbranch (Reynolds, IL), Taylor’s Market (Muscatine, IA), Big Cats Café (Muscatine, IA), and Impact Fitness (Muscatine, IA) just to name very FEW of my many favorites!

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