Annelise Tarnowski

Annelise’s primary role at The Iowa Center is to provide administrative and operations support to the organization. She ensures our day-to-day operations runs smoothly and provides a warm welcome to everyone who comes to our office! 

More About Annelise

Why I work at The Iowa Center: I am so thankful for the classes that I’ve taken at The Iowa Center and the people have always been really helpful when I feel stuck in my small business. I feel lucky that I now have the privilege of being one of those people who can help empower other people.

Ask me about: Board games! I can talk about board games all day. I love learning new ones and I love getting to know people while playing them. I’ll also gladly talk about National Parks, your favorite book or my two dogs, Alton and Molly.

I dream of a day when…: Everyone can feel like they belong. Belonging and connection opens up so many doors for a fuller and safer life. More access to resources, more confidence, more connection.

A few of my favorite small businesses:The Slow Down for coffee, Peace Tree for beer, Lucky Lotus for dinner, Pie Bird Pies for pie, Pints By Beth for ice cream, and The Rook Room for community and games (had to put in a plug for my business!).

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