TJ Daniels

TJ is the official cheerleader of The Iowa Center. She’s a vibrant supporter of our mission, programs, clients and staff. As a Certified Credit Counselor, she assists clients with their credit, budget, financial statements and so much more. She also works with our Lending programs assisting clients from start to finish, and often times well after the loan has closed making many friendships along the way.

More About TJ

What I love to do: My favorite activity is spending time with my son. Cooking dinner together, Playing Call of Duty Cold War to Traveling to the Atlantic Ocean (next stop after the pandemic is the Pacific Ocean). He even still laughs at my jokes for that I will be eternally grateful.

Why I work at the Iowa Center: I feel that there are many people that do not have the knowledge or tools to advance their idea or hobby into a small business, and that’s where I get to step in. There is no better feeling than to walk into a small business with my son and have him ask me, “Is this a small business you helped, Mom?” And then to say  “Yes, I did. Let’s go meet my friend.”

Ask me about … Video games (consoles not PC). Retail/online arbitrage and selling on ANY online platform. Where to find the most budget friendly meal in any category in any of the greater Des Moines areas.

I dream of a day when…All people are allowed an equal standing in society regardless of race, gender, age, disabilities or socioeconomic status. “Good things happen to those who hustle” -Anais Nin

A few of my favorite small businesses: I try to support every small business that comes through our doors, so my favorites are rotating. I also am a big fan of small businesses that sell food…Big Acai Bowl, Mia Patria, Tacos La Familia, Lola’s Kitchen, Kathmandu Restaurant and the list goes on​

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