Megan Milligan

​​Megan’s primary purpose at The Iowa Center is to protect and promote the mission, vision, and direction of the organization. She serves with the board of directors to ensure strategic growth and with the staff to keep our promises to our clients. As the public voice of the organization, Megan loves talking to groups about entrepreneurship and economic development.

More About Megan

Why I work at The Iowa Center:  As an entrepreneur herself, Megan prefers to shop, eat, and work at places that are owned by friends and neighbors. Small business owners are the ones who make Des Moines such an awesome place to live, and she is honored to work at a place that plays a role in that.

Ask me about: Old homes and new books, taking risks, owning a restaurant with a brother, East Africa, fast fashion and meat pollution, antique furniture, architecture, design, radical career changes, and affordable housing.

I dream of a day when…everyone can support themselves and their families through their own ideas.  And we stop creating so much trash.

A few of my favorite small businesses: Kitchen Collage, Salon Spa W, Real Food 4 Kids, Pink Print Co, World of Pets, La Mie, Silver Fox, Marne


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