Jose Venales

As the Director of Microloans, Jose manages, develops, and implements The Iowa Center microloan programs. At the same time, Jose has the responsibility to maintain a healthy loan portfolio to ensure the availability of these resources for future entrepreneurs.

More About Jose

Why I work at The Iowa Center: Iowa was the state that adopted me as an immigrant. I believe in financial advice guidance and education; and here at the Iowa Center our mission is to help small business and new entrepreneurs make their dreams come true.

Ask me about: My family, baseball, my many bikes, lending, Venezuela, energy efficiency, and leadership.

I dream of a day when…: Everyone has the opportunity to become an entrepreneur by doing what they are passionate about and that we can all live in a self-sustainable home.

A few of my favorite small businesses: Waterfront, Mi Patria, Lifestyle Juice, Pho888, and Barr Bike.

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