Ben Schultz

Ben spends his time at The Iowa Center meeting with new clients to help connect them with best resources and events for education and advancement. He works to make sure people are aware of the countless opportunities available at The Iowa Center and in the community.

More About Ben

What I love to do: This is me at the end of my second Olympic triathlon, the Clear Lake Tri, in September. I love being outdoors, training for these events, setting goals for myself, and the overwhelming joy that comes from crossing the finish line!

Why I work at The Iowa Center: Small businesses and entrepreneurs give so much to their communities, and they are one of the biggest reasons I decided to move to Iowa. I am passionate about people living their dreams and bringing their personality and ideas to the community.

Ask me about: Music, Greece, axolotls, bike trails, fishing, mindful meditating, and Boston’s 1976 album “Boston”

I dream of a day when…: Everyone can live affordably in a place that allows them access to quality education, opportunities to work, avenues to express themselves creatively, and freedom to explore their passions. Also when we treat people and the planet with respect and love.

A few of my favorite small businesses: Olympic Flame, Zanzibar Coffee, Lifestyle Juices, Fat Tuesday, Kyle’s Bikes, Raygun, and C Fresh Market

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