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Tree Haven

Fairfield, IA
Local food projects, supporting targeted projects, education, infrastructure investment.

Arts & Design

Bubblehead 3D Design

Oskaloosa, IA
Custom woodworking project. Retired Navy submarine mechanic with 15 years of woodworking experience.


Business Services



Construction / Architecture / Contracting


Events & Entertainment

Food Service / Restuarants


Home Services

Personal Services

Pet & Animal Services

Photography / Photo Services


If you need to understand your finances to start or grow your business, you need to know The Iowa Center. They’ve provided a supportive and un-biased perspective and provided the financing needed to support our business model that services people at a scale that allows us to activate our mission.

Pernell Cezar

The Iowa Center allowed me to set awareness of myself and where I was at, which gave me a gauge for my success. They also gave me an opportunity to support and meet other women in the community!

Dr. Penny Hanson

When I found the Iowa Center for Economic Success, I was going through a split professionally and personally. I needed to learn more of the business and financial side of running a business but had no time to go back to school because I was still running my business. The Iowa Center aligned perfectly with my time and availability. They gave me the tools to be a smarter business owner and gave me a reliable network.

Jen Bramble 
Club B-FIT
Jen Bramble

I firmly believe I would not have started my own business had I not found The Iowa Center. It would have remained an idea…and never actually brought to fruition.

Amy Hutchins 
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Amy Hutchins

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