Week Two Recap

DreamBuilders! Within one week you’ve all accomplished SO MUCH. For many of you, you presented your first elevator pitch…..and you slayed! Your pitch will continue to get better and better until you can automatically and naturally say it with complete ease. You might even make different versions of pitches for specific groups and scenarios 😉

Alright, you each have a goal partner for this week. Here are the pairs. Go ahead and reach out to your goal partner this week to see how they’re doing and let them know how you are doing!

Shana & Andrea

Amanda & Carletta

Karen & Patricia

Peterson & Vanezza

Alan, Guadalupe, and Tasha – we missed you during this part. Everyone listed 3 goals they can do for themselves and/or their business. What and/or who do you think will stand in your way? And how will we knock them or that out of the way! Feel free to email me your goals or share them within the three of you.

For everyones contact information – you can refer to any group email I’ve sent out.

LearnDash Uploads:

This weeks presentation and resources provided by Heidi

DreamBuilder homework assignements

Journal prompts ***Please don’t forget these. This is a great practice to take on- entrepreneur or not***

Today’s class recording (Peterson thank you so much for reminding me to click “record”)


THE HOT SEAT: An opportunity for each of you to have all brains and hearts on you and your business for 10 minutes to help you with whatever challenge your facing, creative support, etc. First up for next week: Alan and Andrea

*Please have one thing that we can help you think about


Speaker Information:

Heidi Mannetter, PMP, CLCS, Assistant Professor of Practice and Marketing at Drake University and College of Business & Public Administration

Email: heidi.mannetter@drake.edu

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidimannetter/

Instagram: @GenXinDSM


Next Week: Prepare to continue diving! We have 3 topics to cover next week.

Access to Capital

Targeted Small Business

Small Business Banking


Actions I need to take:

I will be contacting DreamBuilder Tech to ask a few questions that a few of you have brought up to me. I’ll get back to you asap.

Proud of each of you. Let’s get to work! – Ciara