Week 6 recap

WEEK 6 IS DONE! We only have 2 weeks left together as a big group. I want to recognize and point out how much work you’ve all done for your businesses.  The elevator pitches today compared to week 2 – WILD CHANGE. INCREDIBLE IMPROVEMENT. 

As you enter into week 7 of the program, please have all of your energy and focus on your business plans and presentations.  Again, the DreamBuilder software is not serving any of us the way it’s intended – do not focus on that software.  Dig into the resources, videos, and materials available to all of you in LearnDash.  

The two business plan templates are posted in LearnDash under Week 3 materials and I emailed them out this week too.  There are also example business presentations on LearnDash I’ll post them in this week too. 

Next week, we will be joined by 5 DreamBuilder Alumni  – all of them in different fields – and all of them in business. As always, your questions are welcome! They are ready to share their experience and advice as growing entrepreneurs.   

The first part of next weeks session will be spent welcoming the Iowa Center team into our space.  You’ll each be paired with a team member to review your plans and presentations. You’ll have about 45 mins – 1 hour with each of them.  This is a great opportunity to practice your presentations, ask questions, get feedback, practice your WHY, etc.  

Write out your goals and tasks that you want to complete! Set a due date for yourself. Check in with one another and/or myself to keep you accountable. I’ll happily set calendar reminders to reach out and check in on your goals.   

You got this! – Ciara  


Presenter information:  

Erin Fry: erinf@2rm.com 

Ava witthauer: avaw@2rm.com 



Suzie Dunya: sdunya@theiowacenter.org  

Social Media presentation link here

Presentation link here