Week 5 Recap

The energy was incredible this week! The moves you’ve all made for you and your businesses have been *INSERT CELEBRATION AND HAPPY DANCE HERE*  

Moment of appreciation: LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE. Incredible I’m proud of all of you. Please take a second asap to tell recognize how far you’ve come. 

Alright, we have 3 weeks left together. Let’s get deeper into it – next week is all things SOCIAL MEDIA.  If you haven’t already – get to your business plans and start visualizing what you want your business presentation to look like. Here are some guiding points to make sure you cover:  

  • Intro: Who are you 
  • Intro to your business 
  • The business story – your WHY 
  • Business mission 
  • How are you making your community better? What are you bringing to better your customers? Community tie in.  
  • Business services and/or products 
  • The need for your business and/or products 
  • Your target market – who are your ideal customers 
  • Who are your competitors 
  • What makes YOU better and unique compared to your competitors 
  • A few of your goals as you start and/or grow your business – think now, the year, 2 years, 5 years 
  • YOUR ASK – this is a great opportunity to ask for what you need from the people attending your presentation. Examples: “If you’re liking what you’re hearing about ______, I’d love your help to help me spread the word about ______” or “If you’re interested in learning more about ______, I’d be honored to connect 1:1 with you”  
  • Contact 
  • List your website, socials, email, number, brick & mortar address  
  • Thank you 
  • Thank you for attending! What questions do we have? 

*** Time yourself. Aim for a 7-10 minute presentation 

Presenter information:  

Amy Hutchins: amymarie@marketlogic.blog  


Sally Cooper Smith: sally@coopersmithco.com