Week 4 Recap

Hi DreamBuilders! This last session was info overload. Lots to take in, lots to figure out what is relevant to you or not, and I’m sure you have questions to your own businesses when it comes to legalities and taxes.  Thank you for another great session and involvement.  Both presenters had messaged me before today and asked if this was an “involved group.” I smiled as I typed, “Yes – you’ll love it!”  

Alright, we’ve just completed WEEK 4. That means we only have 4 weeks left. I REPEAT! Only 4 weeks left.  If you haven’t done so – please make sure you’ve started your business plan.  I’ve included 2 templates: one-page lean business plan and an extensive page business plan.  Please go back to Week 3 to download and read guidance on how to navigate both of these. 

In 2 weeks, you will each be paired with an Iowa Center team member to review your business plans.  You will receive feedback, guidance, and final action steps to complete your plans by the end of program.  We will also be joined by past DreamBuilder alumni to talk with you about your final business presentations for week 8.  I will get example presentations uploaded onto LearnDash. 

Presenter information:  

Samantha Wagner 


Alex Polzin 



Iowa Legal Aid: https://www.iowalegalaid.org/ 


Drake Law Transactional Center: https://www.drake.edu/law/clinics-centers/clinic/transactional/ 

IA Dept. Of Revenue: https://tax.iowa.gov/ 

Iowa SBDC: https://iowasbdc.org/ 

Iowa SBA: https://www.sba.gov/offices/district/ia/des-moines 


Looking forward to continuing to meet with all of you 1:1! It’s been incredible to hear what you all have done every single week when sharing updates to the group.  KEEP GOING! YOU GOT THIS.