Week 3 Recap

Hey DreamerBuilders! Excellent session today. I know it was a lot of information. I like that it had us brainstorming about our own experiences, what we need help with, and what we need to get done. 

There is going to be A LOT uploaded to LearnDash from this session.  Please review all of these resources.  Start your business plans by using the one-page business plan template and the Score Deluxe Business Plan.  All of you have information, thoughts, and ideas to get onto those templates. The goal: have a complete, thorough business plan by session 8.  You can do it. We will all help each other get there. 


  • Please continue to give the DreamBuilder software your website as you continue through the lessons.  I heard from our DreamBuilder tech contact that they are aware of the 0% that shows up after you complete a course.  They are working to fix this.  As long as you are able to move forward to the next lesson then everything is ok. 
  • Your DreamBuilder lessons to complete are listed under each week 
  • Take a video recording of your elevator pitch this week and send it to the group.  We can all provide feedback and I’ll forward this on to Iowa Center team members who can give feedback, as well. 

Next week: Another info packed week!  

  • We will talk Legalities, Non-profit vs. Profit, and all things Taxes 

Presenter contact information:  

  • Access to Capital: TJ Daniels 
  • Small Business Banking: Brandi Long 
  • Targeted Small Business: Jill Lippincott and Kerri Yost