Welcome to the DreamBuilder 2022 Cohort!

It is our complete honor to have you partake in this 8-week program customized to assist you in creating, shaping, and taking action on your business. First things first, if you’re reading this message then that means you’ve successfully created your LearnDash student profile. Congrats! Take some time to look around this platform. It’s personalized to your involvement in DreamBuilder. Second, we’ve created a quick video to help you learn the in’s and out’s of using your LearnDash profile to your full advantage. Take a minute to watch the video before you dive into your page!

Each week you will meet with subject-matter experts and entrepreneurs who will teach and walk you through the essentials of starting and owning your business. Everyone you meet in this program is on your side – with that being said – connect and create relationships with everyone inside & outside of the program. Meet an entrepreneur that you’d like to schedule a virtual coffee/tea with? Do it. Have a potential partnership idea with a member of your cohort or an entrepreneur you met? Reach out. Basically, use your resources to create and grow your networks.

Every session will be recorded for your future reference and viewing. After each session, I will upload speaker presentations, attachments, resources, and speaker contact information onto the LearnDash platform. This will be your go-to place for all resources. You and your cohort will also have assignments & journal entries to complete prior to the next weeks session. Assignments & journal entries will also be posted on LearnDash. Please note that you will use both the LearnDash platform for in-session resources AND the DreamBuilder website platform to complete video assignments.

DreamBuilder graduation happens on the last day of the program. On this day, you and your cohort will each present your businesses to a group of community members, entrepreneurs, and subject-matter experts. Personally, it’s one of my favorite parts of the program!

I’ll say it again – I’m so excited for you. I am excited to watch you grow. I am thankful to have the opportunity to support you. Remember where you are now – because in 8 weeks you will look back and think – wow, I did it! Now, let’s get to work.