Zach Ohlson

Zach spends his time at The Iowa Center building programs that target ongoing education needs for existing small business owners. He is responsible for identifying the needs of clients who are ready to take the next step with their small businesses—structural sustainability and growth—through a mix of in-person and online interactive resources.

More About Zach

Why I work at The Iowa Center: I grew up in (very) small town Iowa where the people and businesses that shaped my understanding of community were one in the same. I believe vested interest in small business is essential to the identity and success of any town, big or small, and I am excited to help facilitate that across the state in any way I can.

Ask me about: Music, bike trails across Iowa, fly fishing, and community gardening.

I dream of a day when…: Local markets once again become the central place for people to eat, shop, relax, and interact with their community. 

A few of my favorite small businesses: Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure, Back Country, Art Terrarium, Tacos Mariana’s, Freds Bike Shop, Rod & Rivet 

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