Suzie Dunya

As the newest member of the Iowa Center, I will be working with the education staff on the execution of all distance learning, implementation of our marketing needs as well as fund development. 

More About Suzie

Why I work at The Iowa Center: Other than the amazing people I get to work with, I would say providing continuous support, resources, network opportunity and guidance to small business owners. I like that we do more than just get your business going, we walk alongside small business owners. As an entrepreneur, it’s a great place to learn and grow.

Ask me about: Ghana, Faroe Islands, my nephew (my favorite person in the world), traveling, taco spots, dogs.

I dream of a day when…: we can all live a sustainable life (reduce/reuse/recycle), where buying local is a norm and summer bbq’s by the pool last longer. I also dream of a day when I own a cute off the grid house surrounded by lush trees, living off the land with all my dogs.

A few of my favorite small businesses: Taco Delgollado, The Juice Company, A Dong


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