Ciara Ladroma

As our new WBC project manager, Ciara will be organizing and implementing programs to train and counsel Iowans, specifically women, interested in starting or growing a business.

More About Ciara

What I love to do: Ciara here! If I’m not supporting local or just hanging out at home – then I’m most likely outside. Enjoying the outdoors and being surrounded by trees & mountains are what brings me the most peace!

Why I work at The Iowa Center: Behind every small business is a person or people who have a dream.  I believe that there is true magic of showcasing and helping the PERSON behind each small business.  At The Iowa Center, I get to do just that.  Every day, people are choosing how to redefine what success looks like for them.  Every day, I get to be part of that at The Iowa Center.

Ask me about: Building community, getting comfortable with showing up as your true authentic self, how to redefine networking, travel booking & planning tips, social media, and recommendations about local food & shops.

I dream of a day when…:  Everyone truly recognizes how small businesses shape the culture and personality of our communities.  Everyone recognizes that money spent at small businesses support friends, neighbors, and our communities.  Also…when everyone has at least 10 favorite small businesses.

A few of my favorite small businesses: Kathmandu Restaurant, Sweet Tooth Farms, The Collective, Domestica, Climb Iowa, Trixie’s Salon, Gateway Market, The Side Garage.

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