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Individuals and Families

* denotes board/staff member
Amelia Lobo and Michael Jenkins
Ana Burrows
Ann and Howard Williams
Barb and Andy Nish
Brandon Pratt*
Charlotte and Fred Hubbell
Charlotte Nelson
Christine Lauridsen Sand* and Rob Sand
Claudia Hawkins
Connie Wimer
Corinne and Greg Ganske
Courtney Strutt-Todd*
Daryl Frey
Dory Briles
Emily and Mark Linder*
Emily Betts Susanin* and Mason Kessinger
Hana Kajtazovic
Heidi Wessels*
Janet and Chuck Betts
Janet* and Steven Leath
Jess Lundquist
Jim O'Halloran
Joe Garcia
John Clark
Juan Rodriguez
Karen and Nick Messamer
Katherine and Josh Mandelbaum
Katherine Lefert and Jon Murphy*
Kathleen Stahl*
Kathy Baker
Kathy Zehr
Katy and Rich Cohan
Kevin Chorniak*
Krista Ferguson*
Kristin Stanford
Larry Jackson*
Laura Sands
Lauridsen Family Endowment
Linda Bergstrom
Linette and Charles Betts
Marilyn Mueller
Mary Baker
Mary Jo Rapp*
Mary Lawyer*
Megan* and Mike Milligan
Michael Anderson
Michelle Bartusek* and Michael McClimon
Nora and David Everett*
Patsy and John Shors
Rachel and Andy Jenkins-Antonuccio
Robert McLearen Jr
Roxanne and James Conlin Fund
Sarah and Andy Susanin
Sarah James and Jeffrey Steiff
Sarah* and Dan Bacehowski
Shane Zimmerman*
Steven Dickinson
Teresa and Johnny Danos*
Tom Urban
Trudy Holman Hurd and G. David Hurd
Valeska L. Buie*
Ying Sa