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In the summer of 2015 Iowa Center for Economic Success was approached by Governor Kim Reynolds and Debi Durham the Director of Iowa Economic Development Authority to create the first women’s angel investing network in Iowa. The program’s goal is to grow women’s wealth through private angel investing.  

About FIN Capital Members

They are female residents of Iowa. Have an accredited investor status ($200,000 individual annual income or $300,000 household annual income and/or $1million+ in assets not including primary residence). Paid annual membership dues of $1,500.

Who does FIN Capital invest in?

Network members will determine, as a group, their preferred deal criteria. At this time, the location and ownership structure (male or female) of a business is not limited.  Typically, angels invest in businesses that:

  • Founders who have invested their own money in the venture.
  • Have the potential for rapid scalable growth within a reasonable time frame (Can they reach revenues of $20 million within five years or so?)
  • Have a compelling, well-articulated strategy for capturing a significant market share.
  • Proprietary technology, early market lead.
  • Have a management team strong enough to execute the business plan.
  • Have a credible exit strategy for investors.
  • Are open to mentoring and coaching.

Deal flow strategy

Deal flow is the rate at which business proposals and investment pitches are being received. The FIN Capital strategy is to work with ACA affiliates (such as Women’s Capital Connection, Plains Angels and other regional networks), our member managers and other members to obtain referrals on optimal deals.

Program staff

Megan Milligan, President + CEO, 
Katie Hentges, Advancement Coordinator,
Susan Austin, FIN Member Manager, 
Melinda Dittmer, FIN Member Manager,

 For Entrepreneurs

FIN Capital accepts applications for investment via Network member referral, syndicate relationships, and/or directly through the FIN Capital GUST profile.

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For Potential Members

FIN Capital welcomes inquiries for membership from women who reside in the state of Iowa and meet SEC accreditation standards (

Educational Opportunities

In addition to membership opportunities, FIN Capital periodically hosts special educational events for women interested in learning more about angel investing. For upcoming events, click here.


FIN Capital is a member of the Angel Capital Association. For more information on angel investing: