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Topical Tuesday: How to Maximize Your Social Media Needs

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Topical Tuesday: How to Maximize Your Social Media Needs – tips and tricks on how to use social media properly! 

JenniferKathryn King's goal for this class is to arm each person with the understanding of how to market their business properly. JenniferKathryn King's company, Invictus Media, specializes in helping small to medium size businesses maximum their marketing efforts. So many business owners get confused on how to do social media, so JenniferKathryn plans on walking everyone through it step by step. The why, what, when, how and where. JenniferKathryn will also be explaining the importance of the Video Business Card. The social media platforms JenniferKathryn will be focusing on are Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. 

 Come hear from JenniferKathryn King of Invictus Media! Upon attending 5 different high schools, she graduated high school to attend Stanford University to play college soccer. After leaving Stanford, JenniferKathryn took a position with Nike in Beaverton, Oregon. While working for Nike, JenniferKathryn ran NikeTowns, outfitted college football programs and also worked in the advertising and marketing department.

JenniferKathryn soon took a position with Men's Health Fitness as a digital editor. She learned the digital side of marketing such as social media, web and app development, and creating fitness videos. JenniferKathryn eventually landed here in Des Moines thanks to Fresh Fit Meals, and was the Senior Field Manager running the three stores here in the Des Moines metro area, and the two stores located in west Texas. After leaving Fresh Fit Meals, JenniferKathryn created Invictus Media. Invictus in Latin means "unconquered." Invictus Media works with small to medium size businesses creating new original content for whatever marketing purposes. Invictus Media can do anything from on site filming and editing, digital commercials, graphic design, social media, and web and app development. 

Please join us to hear this amazing women business owner, active community member, and friend to many, share her entrepreneurial story!

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