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Topical Tuesday: Small Business Banking

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Small Business Banking: What You Need to Know

Small business banking can entail more than meets the eye. Starting with the basics, we will discuss how to choose a bank as well as account type best suited for your business. Beyond that, ensuring you inquire about fees and creating a partnership with your banker are essential pieces of small business banking. Further topics include necessary documentation, acceptance of payments, making payments, endorsing checks, and efficient record-keeping. Join in this Topical Tuesday to make strides of understanding to help you achieve the financial goals for your small business.

Llewellyn Anderson has worked in the banking field for 20 years; in that time she has held positions such as teller, teller supervisor, personal banker, sales manager, and branch manager. Llewellyn is currently the branch manager of Two Rivers Bank & Trust located at 4320 Westown Pkwy, Ste. 100 in West Des Moines. Llewellyn has experience with depository accounts as well as consumer and small business lending. Llewellyn enjoys helping her customers reach financial success by actively listening to customers' needs and responding with a suggested course of action. Llewellyn's passion for helping people understand the basics of banking has helped many of her clients reach their financial goals.

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