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CANCELLED!!! DUE TO WEATHER!!!Topical Tuesday: Non-profit or For-profit; What’s the Difference?

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Non-profit or For-profit; What’s the Difference?

Helping you navigate which type of entity is best for you and your business

After you’ve dreamt up your idea you may start daydreaming about ways to build revenue.  You may feel passionate about making a difference in your community and improving people’s lives; but you also need to figure out how to put food on the table and support your family.  Is your idea something that could be considered a “cause” that would qualify for grants and charitable giving?  We will discuss many of the pros and cons of being a 501 3 versus an LLC and help you answer important questions around your comfort in being accountable to others, “owning” your own idea, working for yourself, and deferred gratification (and profit) versus immediate financial gain.

Please join us for this insightful Topical Tuesday, led by Megan Milligan, CEO + President of Iowa Center for Economic Success. 

Megan Milligan was born and raised in Edina, MN.  After college at Loyola Chicago and New York University, she took her first job at Guiding Light Soap Opera in NYC.  After time spent at PBS, Comedy Central and Miramax Films, Megan took a break to spend a year working for a small French NGO in South Sudan.  Sixteen years later and a move to Des Moines, Megan has settled in with her family and is enjoying this incredible community.  Prior to her role at The Iowa Center, Megan was the Vice President of Advancement, overseeing the Anawim Housing Foundation.  She also ran her own business: a strategic planning and fund development consulting firm, as well as owned a BBQ restaurant.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as serving on various boards and committees over the years including Broadlawns Gathering in the Garden, Des Moines Playhouse Hollywood Halloween Gala, Alzheimer’s Association Board, Department of Cultural Affairs Gala, 100 + Women Who Care, and Salon 4700.

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