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Website Development for Small Businesses

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You know your business needs a website, but how do start-ups and small businesses create an effective website with limited budgets?

This Topical Tuesday will deliver cost-effective options, insight on smart tools to simplify the design and content management of your site, tips on analyzing your traffic and three critical questions to evaluate whether you need to hire a professional.

Micholyn Fajen is founder and marketing director of Fajen Consulting, a full-service marketing company. With 20 years in the marketing industry, Micholyn has helped launch products, websites, and brands. She specializes in market research and analytics, social media, SEO and campaign design for Fortune 500 companies such as, Dr. Pepper, Snap-on Tools, Wells Fargo, NAPA, and Cadillac. Recognized as an award-winning writer and editor, she believes powerful content is an essential thread of any marketing effort. Micholyn is a graduate of Grand View University and American Marketing Association of Iowa board member.

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